Distributed computing processing models

Distributed computing involves processing happening on multiple computers in parallel enabling huge amounts of data to be processed. Without distributed computing search engines and other services would not have been possible.

Story about Artificial Intelligence

A long time back, in 1926, a family emigrated from Ireland to USA. The family was not rich; in fact they were jobless during the time of depression in the US.

IoT- Emerging Architecture and Protocols

The Internet era is based on global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the standard internet protocol suite to serve billions of users worldwide. Internet is a network of networks based on standard protocol 3. One of the standard architecture Internet is based upon 7 layer OSI model.

Cyber security: Your Next Breach – Not If, But When?

Gone are the days when businesses can assume that “Cyber attacks won’t happen to us”. From the recently launched “Ransomware Wanna Cry attack”, it has been made crystal clear that cyber attacks are inevitable and can affect not just the banks and credit card companies but any business that has products, services and customers.

The New Era of Hadoop Technology

A recent study on Big Data claimed that 65% of the Fortune 100 companies are currently using big data analytics to give a fillip to their businesses. In the last few years, big data, AI, and Hadoop technologies are trending.

Cloud Computing with AWS: Prospects and Future

Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is essential for the execution of the company’s crucial cloud-enabled platform for web-based services and apps. Cloud Computing with AWS Training has helped the e-commerce companies flourish like never before.

Machine Learning And AI Are Redefining The Future Of Technology

Machine learning is something that is set to redefine the world of software and IT (Information Technology) in the near future. It digs out the facts from algorithms for a meaningful execution of various decisions and goals predetermined by a firm.

Android Market – Growing By Leaps & Bounds

First launched in 2007, Android OS has become extremely popular among the users in the last few years for its attractive apps and easier UI. This OS (Operating System) has ushered in a new era in the world of smartphones

Hadoop – Biggest Emerging Market

Google processed around 700 petabytes of data each month, Facebook hosts 10 billion photographs that require one petabyte of data space, and New York Stock Exchange generates 1 terabyte of data every day.

Amazon Leads Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have become important subjects for the developers. The recent report by Gartner states that AWS uses advanced algorithm and calculation process that keeps it ahead of the other 14 cloud competitors.

Why Knowledge of IoT (Internet of Things) is Essential

In layman’s language, the internet of things or IoT means the way, how computing devices can be put to daily use through transmission of data with the aid of internet connectivity.

Businesses Predicts Demand For Data Scientists

There is a sudden surge in the demand for data scientists today. Around half a million such jobs are likely to be created across the world in the future. Even India’s Big Data Analytics sector presents a rosy picture now as it is set to grow into a $16 billion sector soon.

Why is Machine Learning Important?

Not a single discussion about the future technologies and the future of technology is complete without the mention of machine learning. Slowly and gradually machine learning has become probably the most important technological breakthrough of recent time.

The Rise of Internet of Things

The electronics and IT world is oozing smartness from all corners. Any device or appliance that is not “smart” is considered outdated. “Smart” has become the new (and probably the most important) selling point for practically everything in the world.

Niche Skills in I.T. Sector – Need of the Hour

Indian IT industry gets 60% of its revenue from U.S. based market but the recent turmoil in the U.S. politics has hampered an already crisis facing I.T. industry of India

Big Data, Big Decisions

Big Data (and related technologies) is no longer a luxury for the corporates but has become a necessity. In fact, according to few surveys, in order to be relevant in the business every company will have to adapt technologies related to Big Data.

Machine Learning Trends In 2017 And Its Future

We are heading towards the digital age when computational learning, neural networks, and pattern recognition are the gateway to any work – starting from the development of various apps to the mode of our electronic communications. According to the 2016 statistics, Machine Learning (ML) has assumed the importance of Big Data.

IoT and Environment Monitoring

Internet of Things has come a long way in very a very short time. It has changed so much in so little time that today it is has become nearly impossible to imagine the world without Internet of Things, which was not so long ago.

The Art of Data Science

Data Science has captured the imagination of the corporate world. Things which were beyond imagination about a decade ago are made possible with the help of Data Science.

The Future and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is growing at an exponential rate and even after so much advancement in this field, we have not reached even 1% of the potential Artificial Intelligence has.

The Era of Big Data

Never before in the history the world has given more importance to Data the way they do now. “Data has become the new oil”, this is not just a phrase this is the reality.

Big Data Hadoop is Driving Businesses

About 20 years ago no one would have thought about the amount of data that will be generated will be so huge. Data was only being generated just by the businesses and governments.

Brief History of Hadoop

Google launched project Nutch in 2003 to handle billions of searches and for the indexing of millions of web pages. Later, in the same year Google launched GFS (Google File System).

Internet of Things - Transportation and Logistics Industry

After the invention of Internet, Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology that has created maximum impact in the way businesses and corporates function. Internet of Things can be defined as the network of devices (embedded with sensors) to the internet.

How Big Data is Changing the Job Market

Big data has changed the corporate world upside down. Earlier, decisions were made on the instincts but now every decision in the business world is based on the insights extracted from the huge amount of data.

Questionnaire on IoT

A network of smart objects and devices equipped with sensors to acquire data, computers to process it and actuators to manipulate the real life environment physically can be termed as Internet of Things.

Cloud Computing and Millions of Jobs

Cloud computing can have a big impact on businesses whether they are small or large. Cloud computing has many advantages and that is the reason companies, around the world, are embracing cloud computing.

I.T. industry’s needs are changing to Niche Skills

There have been a lot of changes in the IT industry in the past few years. New technologies are hitting the market every now and then. Whether it is technologies related to Big Data, IoT, DevOps or cloud, something new is coming up every day.

Leverage Technology for a better life

TECH is one of the most commonly discussed topics, examples of which can be found in our own conversations every day. A mention, a tribute or even an invention; technology has wedged its very own corner in everyone’s curiosity.

Data Science: The fourth Paradigm

Datalogy aka Data Science has been around for over three decades and became an individual discipline in 2001 but it became the catchword when Harvard Business Review named it “The Sexiest Job of 21st Century”.

Big Data and its Shenanigans

It is not every day that scientist coin a name that so simply defines the object but John Mashey was determined to make this possible this time.

The Perks of Android App Development

2.2 million And growing... This is how many android mobile applications have already tried to woe the users, some failing, some winning. Some of them changed the stratosphere (WhatsApp, Pokemon Go etc.), while some missed the mark and other plainly existed.

Wireless communication technologies for IoT

Various forms of communication have had a significant impact on human society since the beginning of time. Earlier, physical transport was the only mechanism to exchange information.

Internet of Things: A friend or foe

It requires childlike naivety to adhere to the pressures of innovation because when belief meets proof of concept, magic is created. Tech geniuses have been trying to pull off a Houdini since quite some time now, with what is famously known as “IoT- Internet of Things”. IoT is the infrastructure of the information society.

What is Descriptive Statistics?

Statistics has suddenly become one of the most sought after specialization with the emergence of data science as the best job of 21st century.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Agriculture Industry

IoT (Internet of Things) is everywhere; there is not a single industry left which is untouched by the magic of Internet of Things. After smart fitness, smart entertainment, smart corporate world, it is the turn of smart farming to make a substantial difference in the live of farmers and how the traditional farming is done.

Talent Management in 21st Century

With the ever increasing aspirations in millennial and competition among corporates , retaining a high performing employee is getting all the more demanding. On top of all this, continuous advancements in technology is also not helping the cause.

Corporate Trend in 2017

With a rapid change in technology across the world, the gap between skills required and skills possessed by the employees is increasing equally rapidly. Corporate world is finding it challenging to hire resources that are well versed with the in-demand emerging technologies

IoT: Redefining the Workplace

IoT (Internet of Things) has already made a huge impact on consumers. “Smart” devices have already replaced the conventional ones.

History of DevOps

DevOps emerged out of a very straightforward idea that collaborative and co-ordinated efforts make business works best. This simple idea is responsible for the exponential and hurried growth of DevOps.

Data Storage - Cloud computing

The usage of data has been embedded in our routines in such a delicate manner that we never truly appreciate its use, not only does it point us in the right direction, it helps us avoid the wrong one.

Tools Used in DevOps

The idea of integrating development and operations process is to enhance the quality of the product and to be able to deliver the product on time has taken technical world by storm.

Cloud Computing and its Benefits

Cloud computing has literally changed the face of IT infrastructure and the way it was managed. Companies no longer need to worry about investing heavily in the infrastructure.

Internet of Things and Healthcare

Internet of things (IOT) needs no introduction now as it has already gained much attention around the world. From wearable devices to self driving cars people are constantly talking about the capabilities and potential of Internet of Things.

Big Data Analytics: A Revolution

Everybody is talking about data or more specifically, Big Data. But only a few understand what is Big Data and what is its scope and the rest are talking about Big Data is because they are curious to know more about it

Tech Predictions 2017

The best way to appreciate technology is to reminisce in the stories of the yesteryears because that is when we realize how long the journey really has been.

IOT – The Need of the Hour

Over the past few years IOT has emerged as the most promising technology. Initially, it was not taken very seriously but today IOT has created a tremendous impact on everything.

Natural Language Processing: an important part of Data Science

Every two years the data is getting doubled and this time frame is getting shorter, by 2020 the data will get doubled every year. Imagine the ridiculous amount of data that is being generated every second.

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