IOT – The Need of the Hour

Over the past few years IOT has emerged as the most promising technology. Initially, it was not taken very seriously but today IOT has created a tremendous impact on everything. And, with all the progress IOT (Internet of Things) has made, we have not seen even 1% of what internet of things is capable of. There are already billions of devices connected to the internet and to each other sending information in gigabytes every second.

Internet of Things

Devices which were previously inactive are getting smart with the help of IOT. Along with the already existing devices getting smart, new devices are entering the market that is changing the overall perception of technology. Things that were hard to even imagine few years back are being sold these days. This is how fast internet of things is making progress.

It is estimated that by 2020, there will be 4 Billion connected people in the world, internet of things will be a $4 Trillion industry, there will be 25 Billion embedded and intelligent devices in the world and there will be about 50 Billion gigabytes of data. Now this is huge! And it will take a lot of manpower to achieve this.

That is the reason the title of this article is IOT – The need of the hour. It is indeed the hottest technology with an un-imaginable potential. With internet of things even the sky is not the limit. This is the perfect time to get trained on Internet of things technology because there is going to be tremendous growth opportunities around it in not-so-distant future.

Collabera TACT is known for the quality of training in emerging technologies, including IOT. IOT training with Collabera TACT is an award winning training provided by the best trainers in the industry. The IOT courses are designed on the basis of real time requirements by the industry leaders in IOT technologies. Collabera TACT also has the kind of infrastructure in place which is required for successful IOT training. Being a global staffing giant, Collabera has an advantage when it comes to understanding the real requirements and designing and delivering IOT trainings accordingly.


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