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What is Agile?


Agile is primarily a way of thinking about software development (and to a greater extent, solving problems and delivering value). The implementation methods are how the principles of Agile are applied in a real-world project, program or effort. The most well-known methods of implementing Agile include: Scrum, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming (XP), with Scrum being the most prevalently used.


What is Agile training?


Agile training is an ideal way to level-set your organization or project team on the basic concepts of Agile and associated implementation methodologies. While a lot of people talk about using Agile, there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about the distinctions between them. Training can help expose the underlying Agile concepts and clarify the differences between the various implementation methods.


What benefits does Agile training provide?


Often when organizations describe problems with “Agile” they are actually describing challenges with executing an Agile methodology. Having all project team members attend common training, ideally in the same class, can mitigate some of these issues.


When an entire team can hear the same message, concepts, and implementation tactics, simultaneously a common language and perspective is established. This shared understanding strongly increases the probability of the team inspecting and adapting together using a common language and practices. Thus reducing the conflicts in the future. This commonality is best obtained via project teams attending the same training, the same class if at all possible.


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