Demo Session for Cyber Security Training

As businesses move their shops to the online business and start to do transactions online, Cyber security is vital in protecting all these functions. Cyber attack becomes critical part for all organization. Cyber security risk affects organization’s bottom line and it can drive up cost and impact revenue. Here are some benefits of cyber security It can protect your business, Protect data, Employees can work safely, and more. We have initiated webinars, and in this webinars we will cover different topics, such as Introduction, cloud computing security, Cyber Forensics, Network Security, Firewalls and more.

Demo Session for Blockchain Training

A blockchain is use for secure online transactions. Each block contain record of transaction and put this transaction in specific chain. Once information entered, can never be erased. It keeps record in specific network, this network is called Bitcoin which runs block chain. For more information we offer training session and webinar. In this webinar we plan to provide a information on what is block chain technology? Transactions, Developing with Bitcoin and more.