Android App Development Certification

The most popular and rapidly growing operating system for mobile devices, tablets and various other smart devices in the world is Android. In fact, it not just an operating system it is complete software stack for mobile devices which includes operating system, middleware and key applications. With Linux kernel at its base, Android has C/C++ libraries along with runtime environment, application framework and core applications at the top. Various APIs and tools are provided by Android SDK that is imperative for application development on this platform. Basically, Android applications are written in Java and Android’s runtime environment is responsible to run them on end devices.

Android App development training offered by Collabera TACT is a comprehensive training on android application development process and analogues key points like:

  • Activities
  • UI and UX Design
  • Intents
  • Material Design
  • Fragments
  • Calls and SMS
  • Services and Broadcast Receivers
  • Notification Manager
  • Content Provider
  • Widgets
  • Location services
  • Web Services
  • Gradle Mechanism and many others

Why Android?

There is hardly anything you cannot do with the help of mobile apps. Mobile apps have changed the way we do business, socialize and get entertained. Mobile apps developers have all the tools required to come up with the innovative apps and help shape the global economy. The number of smartphone users is expected to grow to 2.5 billion by 2019 and 80% of smartphones run on Android. The number of Android developers required in next couple of years in going to be enormous. No wonder Android developer remains one of the most in-demand skills in the world.

Businesses, big or small, are investing in app development. Having an app for your business is not a luxury but has become a necessity. In fact, about 50% of all small businesses will have a mobile app of their own by the end of 2017. Having an app gives businesses a sales boost by giving users quick way to access their products or services. It also helps in creating an engagement with the customers and increasing customer experience.

According to Matt Miller, CTO at CyberCoders, “For mobile programmers who specialize and are familiar with the Android operating system, there is no better time to improve your Android skills and look for a job.”

Android will continue leading the global smartphone operating system market for many years. Being an open source operating system, Android allows app developers to work on new ideas and come with innovative apps without investing anything.

Android App Development Course Objectives

Android Application development training offered by Collabera TACT is a course designed to provide thorough knowledge about:

  • Android Development tools such as Android Studio, Gradle, ADB, AVD and SDK manager
  • Basic building blocks like Activities, Fragments, Content Providers and Broadcast Receivers
  • UI /UX development for Android Application
  • How to Use Material Design for the best UI Practices
  • Working with local and remote databases
  • Working with various APIs including Google Map API
  • Testing and Debugging applications
  • How to publish your App on Google Play


The pre-requisites for Android Application development training is:

  • Professionals and Students who are willing to create their own real time Android application and/or want to make a career in Android development
  • Java professionals or students who have the basic knowledge of Java and object oriented programming can boost their career with Android development training

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