GST Course Summary

This course is designed with a perspective of giving a thorough understanding about the GST to the participants. GST is a consumption tax based on the concept of value-added tax. GST is to be imposed on goods and services at every production and distribution stage in the supply chain including the import of goods and services.

GST is an indirect tax and will replace the current sales and service tax regime and it may affect all input and output of an organization.

A coordinated effort within the organization is essential to ensure you are GST ready. It is not just another tax to be left with finance and accounts department. Instead, it is “cross functional” issue that can affect the entire business structure and hence require input from all key business units.

GST Course Objectives

  • Understand the key elements of GST and its mechanism
  • Analyse and understand the implications of GST on your business
  • Identify and review business activities in line with GST
  • How to effectively overcome implementation, compliance and enforcement issues
  • Treatment of transitional issues upon implementation of GST

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