Enroll yourself in this advanced IoT course, which bears the content required by IoT Solution Architects and Developers in order to implement and execute their projects. This advanced level course has been designed to provide insight, actionable for the technical background professionals across all the existing industries. Via this course, professionals will explore new research, applications and architectures at the IoT forefront. The comprehensive knowledge of several IoT platforms and the difference between them would be discussed during this advanced training. Apart from that, in-depth IoT stack understanding and all the individual layers will be taught too.

The content of TACT’s Master IoT course has significant relevance to a wide spectrum of existing industries. The topics included in the training would be of great interest to the professionals and experts in the fields including supply chain and manufacturing, retail, logistics and transportation, energy, agriculture, telecommunications and automotive.

How can one benefit from this advanced level IoT training course?

After undergoing this certification program professionals will become Internet of things Master and have the following skills:

  • Advanced level knowledge of the IoT technology, trends, techniques and tools.
  • Comprehensive understanding of all the core concepts, history of technologies involved and also the sub-domains of IoT.
  • Full-fledged skills and knowledge of designing and building a network, which would be based on the client-server and be able to publish-subscribe for the connection, collection of data, monitoring and managing the assets.
  • Thorough knowledge about sensors, the microcontrollers, communication interfaces used in designing and the building of IoT devices.
  • Complete knowledge and skills in order to write device, gateway and server side scripts and apps to aggregate and analyze sensor data.
  • Knowledge and skills to select application layer protocols and web services architectures for seamless integration of various components of an IoT ecosystem.
  • Knowledge of reference architectures and standard development initiatives.
  • Clear understanding of deploying different types of the analytics on machine data, in order to define the context, ensure quality, find faults, and also extract actionable insights.
  • Understanding of cloud infrastructure, services, APIs, and architectures of commercial and industrial cloud platforms.
  • An Understanding of existing computing architectures –edge, distributed, centralized, and Fog.

Course Outline

Being monitored by industry experienced experts, this IoT master course would involve advanced hands-on experience with the help of various tests and assignments at the end of each module. You would be working on cloud based platforms of IoT like Azure and AWS. The training would be incomplete without the understanding of IoT security. The everyday use of devices has become more of an open source as compared to the closed systems earlier. This poses a big threat than ever before, so there would be sessions imparting the understanding of standard and best IoT security practices.

Individual modules of this advanced level IoT course will touch the IoT topics, such as RFID, security, speech interfaces, data storage and analysis, smart homes and cities, wearable items, location tracking and a lot of additional applications, technologies, and architectures.

In addition to all of this, this course would also throw light on IoT gateways and Analytics. The architecture as well as the functioning of several IoT gateways, Analytics using Python advanced package, and so on related IoT trends existing in the market would be surely discussed.


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