Collabera TACT Self Paced Android App Development Training

Join Collabera TACT Self Paced Android App Development Training and become an expert. Android has been and still remains the most popular OS amongst the users as well as the developers. Statistics have shown that more than 40% of full-time developers list Android as their first choice to work on. This is because 82.8% of the entire market share belongs to Android. Also, the number of Android users is more than a staggering 1.4 Billion/month. This platform presents fantastic opportunities for developers. The Self Paced Android App Development Training with Collabera TACT will enable you to create amazing applications for phone and tablets and will give you the right push towards exciting opportunities.

Value Addition from Collabera TACT Self Paced Android App Development Training

This training is structured in a manner which addresses to the beginners as well as experienced IT professionals. A beginner can understand the nuances of Android App Development while doing this training whereas an experienced professional can use this training to boost his/her career. Collabera TACT Self Paced Android App Development Training will educate you on various aspects of App Development like – Creating the Widgets, Customization of list view, grid view etc., Creating Applications using Audio, Video and SQlite databases. Finally it will train you on how to publish the applications on Google Play Services.

Course Content

  • Android Development Tools Functions – DDMS, Android Studio, Drawables and Listeners etc.
  • How to draw on various Layouts, Widgets.
  • How to support Library Widgets in Android Apllications.
  • Crafting interactive applications in android with multiple activities including audios, videos and notifications.
  • Creating Android Applications using SQLite database and publishing your App on Google Play Services.

Eligibility and Pre-Requisites

Anyone with a keen interest towards Android App Development can pursue this training. Professionals from the field of Software Development can also make a transition into Android App Development. This is a skill which is highly in demand and promises a great career path. Students and professionals from the field of IT who wish to up-skill themselves can benefit from this training program as well.

The only pre-requisite for doing the Collabera TACT Self Paced Android App Development Training is having the fundamental knowledge of core Java.


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