Collabera Big data Hadoop developer course delivers key concepts and expertise necessary to create robust data processing applications using Apache Hadoop. In-depth knowledge of core concepts will be covered in the course along with implementation on varied industry use-cases. The course equips participants to work on the Hadoop environment with ease and learn vital components such as Zookeeper, Oozie, Flume, Sqoop, Spark, Mongo, Cassandra and Neo4J.

Where Does Collabera Tact Training Add Value?

As the trend of Big Data is getting bigger and popular with volume, variety and velocity, the demand of certified IT Hadoop professionals equipped with the right skills to process the Big Data through Hadoop are becoming higher among Fortune 500 companies. This implausible rush has significantly created an increase in the career scope for certified professionals in comparison to the non-certified peers.

Collabera TACT certification and enterprise-class intense training addresses this issue, by assuring to deliver key concepts and expertise necessary for developers to create robust data processing applications using Apache Hadoop. At the end of Collabera TACT training in Big Data & hadoop, participants will be able to:


  • Learn to write complex MapReduce codes in both MRv1 & MRv2 (Yarn) and learn concepts of Hadoop framework and its deployment in a cluster environment.
  • Perform analytics and learn high-level scripting frameworks Pig & Hive.
  • Get in depth understanding of Big Data Ecosystem and its advance components like Oozie, Flume and apache workflow scheduler.
  • Get acquainted with advance concepts Hbase, Zookeeper and Sqoop.
  • Get hands-on experience in different configurations environment of Hadoop cluster.
  • Learn about optimization & troubleshooting.
  • Acquire in depth knowledge of Hadoop Architecture by learning about Hadoop Distribution File System operations principles (vHDFS 1.0 & vHDFS 2.0).
  • Get hands-on practice with lab Exercises based on real life Industry based projects.

While there are no prerequisites for this course, however working knowledge of core java concepts and understanding of fundamental linux commands are expected.


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