Self Paced Cloud Computing With AWS Training

Become a Cloud Computing expert and also learn the nuances of the AWS platform. Learn about services like Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3). AWS is one of the largest cloud service providers across the globe besides Google and Microsoft. A statistic from last year showed that Amazon’s AWS S3 had 2 trillion objects stored on it. The numbers speak for themselves. Learning about various services that AWS entails and getting acquainted to the Cloud Computing concepts will be an integral part of this training.

Collabera TACT’s Value Addition

Cloud Computing is one of the leading emerging technologies of our times. Its market has seen an exponential growth from the time of its inception and continues to do so. Organizations are spending huge chunks of money for adopting cloud services. The global cloud computing market is said to reach a 127 Billion USD mark by next year. About 2 million cloud computing jobs were created in India last year. This technology is trending and presents the students and professionals with career prospects. There is a continuous demand for skilled professionals on Cloud and Cloud based services like AWS by companies today.

Collabera TACT Self Paced Cloud Computing with AWS Training covers all the aspects of cloud computing in a comprehensive manner.  Listed below are the topics that you will be trained on during this program –

  • Learning about the building blocks of AWS
  • Working with AWS Computer & Storage products and services e.g. EC2, EBS and Cloud Formation Templates, VPC, S3 Storage and Glacier
  • How to work with AWS Scale and Networking Services like
  • ELB
  • Auto Scale
  • Cloud Watch Metrics and Alarms
  • VPC
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Cloud Front Distributions
  • How to build a static, highly available, fault tolerant and redundant Web Application Service
  • Learning in detail the costs associated with AWS and techniques to maximize savings
  • Learning various AWS architectural design patterns

Pre Requisites

There are no set pre-requisites for doing this training. All you need is an inclination towards Cloud Computing and basic understanding of this emerging technology.


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