Linux Administration Certification 

Linux is the preferred choice of OS over Windows, amongst the programmers and developers. Linux is free and can be downloaded and customized as per the user’s needs. It is an open source operating system which is highly robust and adaptable. Another advantage of Linux is immense amount of libraries and utilities it carries. Besides the reasons mentioned above, there are other key aspects of Linux which make it a popular choice in the server market. To begin with, Linux is cost-effective, technically superior and more secure in nature. Also Linux’s involvement in the emerging cloud infrastructures is a reason for its growth.

About the Linux Administration Training

Collabera TACT’s Linux Administration Training is designed for a professional who wishes to learn Linux Administration.  This training encompasses all the concepts of Linux administration. The course will take you through the – Linux installation, security administration, concepts of networking, file system management, Kernel services, system services and Linux configuration etc. Anyone who has an interest in Linux and has the basic understanding of IT can benefit from this training program.

Linux Administration Course Curriculum

Collabera TACT’s Linux Administration Certification offers one of the best trainings on Linux Administration by industry standards.  This course makes you understand the roles and responsibilities of a Linux Administrator. Also, it educates you on the concepts of RedHat Linux installation, Boot-Process Management, Pluggable Authentication Module or PAM, Linux Commands, Installation of RedHat Packet Manager etc. The syllabus also entails performing various operations, mounting file system, configuring SAMBA server, Linux virtual server, testing and debugging. Course contents are laid down as follows –

  • Unit 1 – System Initialization
  • Unit 2 – Package Management
  • Unit 3 – Kernel Services
  • Unit 4 – System Services
  • Unit 5 – User Administration
  • Unit 6 – Filesystem Management
  • Unit 7 – Advanced Filesystem Management
  • Unit 8 – Network Configuration
  • Unit 9 – Installation
  • Unit 10 – Virtualization with KVM
  • Unit 11 – Network File Sharing Services
  • Unit 12 – Web Services
  • Unit 13 – Electronic Mail Services
Project Based Learning

Collabera’s Linux Administration Training also involves a project on Linux Administration to give you hands-on experience on the platform.  The project would involve a series of activities that one needs to perform on a daily basis as a Linux Administrator. Creation of user, group, setting permissions for them, taking data backups, restriction of access to specific users, copying or moving files, managing processes and services and system security are a part of this Linux Administrator project. Apart from these activities the project also includes training on partitioning and other features, taking security measures for the protection of environment, configuring different types of servers and writing shell scripts.

Advantages of Linux Administration Training

94% of world’s supercomputers are powered by Linux. Maximum number of the servers powering the internet, and innumerable Android devices work on Linux. World’s most popular websites vis-a-vis Google and Facebook are working on Linux servers, as well. Recognizing the potential of Linux market, Collabera TACT’s Linux Administration Training educates you on the entire ecosystem of Linux Administration. This course helps you understand the concepts of Installation and Initialisation, Package Management and Process Monitoring, Configuration of SMB Services, SMTP Services and Virtualization, Advanced Security and Networking Concepts, IPv6 Configuration and Kickstart Installation etc. If you wish to become a successful Linux Administrator then join Collabera TACT’s training program today.


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