Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma is a step-oriented process of involvement and statistical tools which enable the organizations to identify a non-performing business process, understanding the basic causes of problems, analyzing and improving upon contributing factors and finally sustenance gaining in improvements. Collabera TACT’s Six Sigma Black Belt Certification program entails the modern day process improvement practices which the leading organizations are adopting. Also it covers proponents of Six Sigma in service industry and engineering companies within the IC frameworks.

Course Objective

  • How to communicate using the concepts of Six Sigma.
  • Perceiving your organization as a combination of various processes where the outputs are determined by the inputs.
  • Relating the concepts of Six Sigma with the mission and objectives of a business.
  • Evaluating the capabilities of a process or an organization with the help of Six Sigma concepts. Application of the five step DMAIC model as a framework for organizing the activities of process improvement.
  • Learning about various process improvement techniques like designing of experiments within the DMAIC model and how to employ them.
  • Understanding the implementation of groundwork for a successful Six Sigma effort by identifying necessary organizational factors.

Delivering meaningful results to the organization and leading successful process improvement projects by employing your Six Sigma skills.


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