Internet Redefined – Emerging Architecture and Protocols

With proliferation of connected smart objects, the size of internet is growing. It is also radically transforming information centric internet into an internet of things. Number of connected objects overtook number of people connected to internet in 2003 and expected to cross 100 billion figure in coming years. This immense growth is creating tremendous opportunities for businesses to harness the potential of data to gain operational efficiencies. However, an efficient communication model is must to gain seamless interoperability. In addition to this, power efficient and simpler protocols are required to enable designer to embed connectivity in resources constraint smart objects.

Going Deep With Deep Learning

Strength of deep learning is that it can generalize relationship for a large number of problems. It is a difficult concept, but a very important one today in the field of machine learning. Machine learning is trying to fit an algorithm with a given set of data. The data scientist or the programmer selects the algorithm, the algorithm in turn has many parameters, which can be treated as knobs, which need to be adjusted so that the data is learnt. This is traditional machine learning, Deep learning does not require setting of these knobs, it can learn a very large number of functions on its own. That is the reason it is finding applications in vast and complicated fields such as Image recognition, computer vision and other business problems.

Leveraging Information through Big Data Analytics

Information has become a key for every business enterprise. Availability of information at the right time can help the business to grow beyond imaginative levels. Extracting vital information from tons of data we deal with is the main objective of Big Data Analytics. The current mechanism of data analytics is not supportive enough in both, processing speed and cost. Time plays an important part in data analytics industry. We are living in a data driven world. The biggest challenge lies ahead is to process all the data available and that too in a reasonable time frame.

Harnessing AI to Unleash the power of IoT

Internet of Things (IOT) is a natural evolution of embedded computing and is helping create smart devices. IOT has completely changed the way people and business think and act. The exponential growth of IOT is creating new business models, innovated products and new services to enhance customer service experiences. IOT has the potential to be a trillion dollar market by 2020 with Billions of opportunities. The IOT wave in manufacturing industry is boosting operational efficiencies and decreasing production cost in fact, the industry is considering IOT as the Fourth revolution. The industrial version of IOT is called Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). It is aimed to create self-organized environment connecting people and processes to boost overall performance.