Internet of Things Device Design Trends

Internet of things (IoT) is an interconnection of smart objects embedded with sensing, computing, actuation and communication capabilities. A tiny computer system is the heart of these smart systems (objects) which host application(s) and OS (optional). These devices come with limited or no human-machine interfaces. IoT has emerged as a technology to create innovative applications and user experiences.

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Understanding “Data Science”Read More

Since its inception, Data Science has become an essential part of all the businesses around the world. Before taking any decision about improving the product, launching a new product, improving customer service or to reach out to the relevant customer base (to increase profit) stakeholders are relying heavily on the useful insights extracted from the heap of data stored in their data warehouses with the help of Data Science. And the revolution of Data Science has just begun!

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Internet of Things: The future of Technology

Internet of things is changing everything, everyday. It has revolutionized businesses around the world in every sector. To say that the “internet of things” is going to be the future would be an understatement. “Internet of things” is moving at a very fast pace towards being a trillion dollar industry in itself.

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A Promising Career Opportunity for IT Professionals

Do you know that the Big Data technology has created a huge void in the Indian IT market and has the second largest demand for Big Data professionals after US?

There is so much happening around this technology that you just can’t ignore it.

You must be wondering what skills are needed to become a Big Data professional and how can you make a better salary? According to Nasscom, by 2025 the Big Data market in India is expected to grow $16 billion from the current level of $2 billion. Currently employing over 90,000 people in various Data Analytics roles, the Big Data Analytics segment would require huge manpower over next five years.

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